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Ultimate Guide to URL Accessibility in LWC

by Dhanik Lal Sahni
URL Accessibile LWC - SalesforceCodex

URL Accessibility in LWC is a feature that makes it accessible using URL. The Lightning web component can be navigated directly via a URL, allowing deeper integration with the Salesforce Lightning Experience’s routing system. This feature was introduced in Summer 24, before it we were using the lightning aura component isUrlAddressable interface.

Refer to our post Call Lightning Component using Formula Link for learning URL accessibility in the lightning aura component.

Use case of URL Accessibility in LWC

1. Accessible using Formula Hyperlink

We can directly navigate to specific components based on the formula link prepared using the condition of the current record. No container component is required to show the component.

2. External Access

We can provide external users with a URL to access specific components within the Lightning application. We can pass parameters to display relevant data on the viewed page.

3. Testing and Debugging

It provides direct URL access to components to make testing and debugging simpler. QA teams can quickly navigate to specific components and states using URLs during testing cycles.

4. Integration with Other Systems

We can use this feature to integrate Salesforce components with other systems that rely on URL navigation. We can redirect to a specific component within Salesforce to display related data or execute specific actions after we receive a response from an external system. External systems can also redirect directly to specific components.

Implementation of URL Accessibility in LWC

Use Case

Open a component from the hyperlink formula field to display a summary/individual data for a record based on the passed parameter.


Create a URL addressable lightning web component that will handle the passed parameter. We will need a parameter name view to show related data.

Formula Hyperlink Field

Create a hyperlink formula field of Text type in the account record. This field will display as a link on the record page. LWC (Lightning Web Component) will be shown when clicked on this link.

URL Accessibility in LWC - SalesforceCodex

Component name and parameter name are case-sensitive. So put the name accordingly.

Test Page for URL Accessibility in LWC


Navigate to a URL-Addressable Lightning Web Component

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