Permission set

    Important facts about Permission Set in Salesforce

    Developers mostly confused about Permission Sets and Profiles. Let us see facts about permission sets.

    • Permission Sets and Profile can be used together.​
    • Profile should be used to provide bare minimum permissions and then additional permission can be given using permission sets.​
    • Permission Sets can only be used to grant but cannot deny.​
    • One user can be part of only one profile at a point of time but a user can be part of many permission sets.​
    • An org can have upto 1000 Permission Sets.​
    • Permission Sets need not be associated with license types.​
    • Permission Sets can be used for any short time requirements and then revoke later.​
    • Profile & Permission sets help both application level and organizational level security settings.​
    • It is advisable to keep minimum number of profiles
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