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    Salesforce Winter 20 Release – Feature Enhancements for Field Service

    Salesforce Winter 20  release has excellent feature enhancement for Field Service Executive. Mobile workers can log their hours on their mobile devices. Use Health Check to make sure your Field Service configuration aligns with our best practices. Find the right service resource for the job with Extended Match work rules.

    Log Hours on the go with Mobile Time Sheets (Beta)

    Mobile workers can now log their time sheets on their mobile devices. They can also view their time sheet history and see the status of time sheets under review. Field service managers can then approve time sheets in Salesforce.

    How to to do this :

    Navigate to Profile, and tap the Time Sheets icon. On the Current Time Sheets page, to see a time sheet, tap View Time Sheet. To create entries, tap the + sign.

    Current Time Sheets
    The Time Sheet mobile setting must be enabled to view Time Sheets.
    Enable mobile time sheets setting

    Stay in Shape with Health Check (Beta)

     Health Check runs a suite of automated tests on your Field Service settings and configuration data, like service appointments and resource preferences. When Health Check identifies problem areas, it provides on-the-spot recommendations to align your configuration with our best practices. This will help us in better system.
    How to to do this ::
    From Field Service Settings in the managed package, select Health Check. Run tests, perform horizon-based validations, and view detailed recommendations.
    View Health Check results in the dashboard.

    Schedule Smarter Service Appointments with Extended Match Work Rules

    Now extended match work rules can be set up to find the perfect service resource for every job. For example, perhaps your mobile workers support specific ZIP codes. We an set extended match work rule to assign them appointments within their area.
    How to do this: 
    For example, create a ZIP Code lookup field on the Service Appointment object. Then create a ZIP Code Coverage linking object, add the ZIP Code field, and attach it to the Service Resource object as a related list. Use the Extended Match Rule Lightning component to create a work rule.
    Create an Extended Match work rule.

    Map Your Reports with Icons and Colors

    Reports can be customized to add Gantt map by customizing their icons and colors. We can map any tabular report that has geolocation fields.

    How to do this: 

    From the Dispatcher Console UI section of Field Service Settings, click Map. Select a report, a color, and an icon.

    Select an icon and a color for each report.

    Then add it as a layer in the Gantt map.

    View your customized report icons on the Gantt map.

    Build Trust with Your Customers with Service Contracts and Contract Line Items in Communities

    Establish transparency by giving your users and partners access to service contracts and contract line items directly within a community.
    How to do this: 
    Add service contract and contract line items to a community page. Then assign users and community members to the license that gives them the access they need.

    Leverage Quick Actions for Service Contracts and Contract Line Items

    Simplify your agents’ workflows by adding shortcuts for common actions on service contracts and contract line items. For instance, add quick actions to let your users create new service contracts and contract line items or to perform common tasks.
    How to do this: 

    We can create object-specific or global quick actions to help save agents time while they work with service contracts and contract line items. For example:

    • Add a quick action to service contracts, such as creating a contract line item directly from the service contract record.
    • Add a quick action to contract line items, such as updating contract line item details.
    • Create a global quick action in your Salesforce app to quickly create service contracts or contract line items

    Extend Access to Service Contracts with Criteria-Based Sharing Rules

    Create custom, criteria-based sharing rules to give your users access to service contracts. Right now, we can not create sharing rules with specific criteria for service contracts.
    How to do this: 
    From Setup, enter Sharing Settingsin the Quick Find box, and select Sharing Settings. In the Sharing Rules related list for the Service Contract object, click New, and define the sharing rule and its criteria.

    Manage Delivery Settings for Field Service

    Use Notification Builder to choose desktop and mobile delivery channels, including supported Salesforce apps, for standard notification types. Right now, Salesforce defined the delivery channels for standard notifications. Now we have more control over notifications for Field Service object activity.

    How to do this: 

    In Setup, search for Notification Builder and select Notification Delivery Settings.

    View of Notification Delivery Settings UI, with several notification types expanded
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