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    Android developers has to use API level 26 from today

    Google has now made mandatory to use minimum API version 26 for Play Store Apps. If that criteria is not met, developer will not able to upload their apps in Google Play Store.

    The policy was notified last year. As per Google, they have provided a fair amount of time to convert in minimum API version. From today onwards that policy will be implemented.

    Each version of Android presents new security features. Some just apply to applications utilizing current API levels. Google has been clipping down on security like never before as a major aspect of its offer to demonstrate Android is sufficiently secure for big business utilize.

    As a feature of the strategy change, even minor bug fixes have been incorporated. That implies any developer needing to push a small fix will be required to target API level 26.

    Existing applications will not impacted in the Play Store however won’t be qualified for updates. In any case, Google has informed a future adaptation of Android will square access focusing on old API levels so it’s a smart thought to get your applications refreshed as per new standard.

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